Modular 20  20KVA ~ 160KVA

Modular 20 series UPS is redundant, scalable, 3 - Phase UPS power protection system with on-line double-conversion and full DSP control technology and a highly enhanced output power factor to 1.0. Its hot-swappable and flexible power module configuration makes the capacity scalable from 20KVA / 20KW up to 160KVA / 160KW, and system capacity can be expanded to 320KVA / 320KW by advanced “N+X” wireless parallel and redundancy technology. All internal modules (monitoring module, power module and charging module) are modularly designed and hot-swappable, assuring system compactness, reliability and easy maintenance. Modular 20 series UPS was specifically designed to ensure maximum protection of mission critical data center or critical applications loads.


Hot-swappable modularity
Easy expandability and scalability
High power density
High output power factor (PF1.0)
Integrated power distribution
Dual-mains input 
Small footprint


IDC – Internet Data Center
ISP – Internet Service Provider
SCADA monitoring system
Electricity & Railway signaling system
Bank or Bond Trading / Clearing center
Precision instruments, Automation system
Modular 20
20KVA ~ 160KVA
PF 1.0 (3 : 3)

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Excellent performance and high reliability
·  Full DSP control technology has been used on rectifier, inverter and charger 
·  High input power factor > 0.99, THDi < 3% 
·  “N+X” parallel and redundancy technology: easily set up numbers of redundancy module on LCD panel, support 2 complete UPS in parallel, avoid single point failure and further strengthen the reliability 
·  Unique air isolation technology: isolation between key components and air duct effectively avoid the dust influence on key components
·  Intelligent fan speed regulation: fan speed varies intelligently with the inner temperature, reducing noise and increasing the service life of the fan
·  Standard configuration with SPD module: SPD (class C) effectively prevent the damage of lightning shock to the equipment

·  Consistently reliable protection for hardware and software, sophisticated detection inside the UPS, abundant event log for future check

High usability
·  5.7 inches LCD touch screen provides easy-to-use feature with complete graphic user interface
·  Easy maintenance with hot swappable operation for all modules
Hot-swappable modular design enables users to replace standard modules on-line, no need to turn off the UPS or switch to bypass for maintenance. This feature greatly decrease maintenance time, maintenance cost and difficulty
·  Load sharing technology
If any of the UPS modules fail, the load will be taken over by the rest of the modules without interruption. This increases the real time operation and power availability
·  Easy expandability and scalability
System capacity is scalable up to 160KVA/160KW constructed by each power module of 20KVA / 20KW, single charger module provides maximum 30A charging current. Users can periodically increase power modules and charger modules according to load expansion plan to effectively control initial cost and reduce energy consumption per unit
·  Integrated power distribution
Mains input, bypass, maintenance and output breakers are integrated inside the UPS. It is easy for installation and save the cost of users
·  Flexible charging settings
  Number of battery groups, battery capacity, charging rate and temperature compensation coefficient can be set up on the LCD screen of monitoring module. The charging module automatically adjusts the output current and output voltage according to the configured settings.
·  Configurable output voltage
Output voltage 380V / 400V / 415V is settable for different target applications, and fine-tuning of the output voltage can be done on the front panel
·  High power density and small footprint
  Modular 20 is featured with high power density of 20 KVA / 3U power module, and 160 KVA system has only 0.6 m2 footprint, improving the room space utilization
·  Front accessible maintenance

top / bottom cable entry compatible for 160KVA cabinet

High availability
·  Ultra wide input voltage range and frequency
  Modular 20 has a wide input voltage range (-45% ~ 36%)and frequency range (40 ~ 70 Hz). It allows 100% unbalanced load in the range of 277 V ~ 520 V and support two modes of frequency conversion: 50Hz input / 60Hz output and 60Hz input / 50Hz output
·  Dual input distribution
 Dual-mains input design makes system availability higher. When both mains input and battery fail to provide power supply, the system can be uninterruptedly switched to bypass
·  High output power factor 1.0
Output power factor 1.0 enables UPS to deliver more power and increase the load capacity
·  Flexible battery quantity settings
  The battery quantity (32 ~ 40pcs) can be configured flexibly. If there is battery failure, only removing the failed battery and resetting the battery quantity are required, no need to replace the whole group of battery
·  Cold start
Battery cold start is available. In the absence of mains power, battery cold start function allows users to start the UPS with the batteries to meet the emergency
·  Share battery pack in parallel operation, saving user’s battery cost

·  Standard Emergency Power Off (EPO)

High intelligence
·  Advanced multi-platform communications: standard RS232 / USB / RS485 / dry contacts, optional SNMP communication interfaces are used for monitoring UPS running status
·  Advanced intelligent battery management function: flexible battery configuration (32 / 34 / 36 / 38 / 40 pcs selectable), settable charging current (0 ~ 30 A), automatic floating / equalizing charge control, periodic self-test, automatic temperature compensation, prediction of battery remaining capacity and discharge time